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From Todd Flowerday

Rum Raisin French Toast

several slices Monk's raisin bread (in a pinch, regular raisin bread will do)
3 eggs
1 shot whole milk
pinch salt
1 shot rum (or rum extract for the squeamish)

Beat eggs, then add milk, salt and rum. Soak bread thoroughly and cook on medium heat in a buttered saucepan. Garnish with powdered sugar or grape jam/preserves.

Froiled Red Potatoes

(Why froiled? Can't decide to boil or stir fry.)

8 small red potatoes
olive oil
4 cloves garlic
small yellow or red onion
green pepper
(1 shallot)
dash white wine
1/4 lb cooked white meat or bacon crumbs
parsley, cilantro or both
salt to taste
pepper to taste

Cut potatoes into bite size pieces and boil until slightly tender. Meanwhile, medium heat olive oil in wok. Finely chop garlic, onion, pepper, and shallot, then add to the oil. Cook 2-3 minutes, then cover with a bit of white wine. Finely chop meat (in a pinch, you can use lunchmeat: sliced turkey or roast pork) or bacon (think of this meat as a "spice" not a main part of the dish) then salt and pepper to taste. When your potatoes are barely fork tender (maybe 5 minutes), add them to the wok with herbs of your choice. Stir-fry until potatoes just begin to brown at the edges. Some spice variations to try: parsley & dill / cilantro & cumin / substitute paprika for pepper. You can also chill these potatoes then add mayo, hard-boiled eggs, etc. for your favorite potato salad.


  posted by Brian @ 9:14 AM

Wednesday, October 29, 2003  
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